Procurement and SMME Development

ColabIT is in the process of developing robust Preferential Procurement processes that influence both the purchasing behaviour of the company, as well as the understanding of our suppliers from a transformation perspective. Part of this journey includes the support and development of SMME’s and is underpinned by our Preferential Procurement Policy:

  • Affirmative procurement in ColabIT is based on a plan to facilitate B-BBEE. Implementation and progress is monitored by the organisations Board
  • The objective is to enhance long-term economic sustainability and viability of all parties
  • Despite the high priority and focus on B-BBEE, all transactions adhere to acceptable business practices and industry standards such as quality, timeous delivery and controls
  • Special internal arrangements are however made with respect to payment of B-BBEE SMME companies, particularly QSEs and EMEs (such as early/weekly payments, access to markets and procurement, payments not later than 7 or 15 days after date of invoice or delivery, etc.) to improve cash flow and alleviate financial pressures